Member Experience Specialist

Background & Summary

District Cowork is a unique social and community impact project and public-private partnership opportunity. District seeks to shift the mindset of what urban real estate development can do by creating a vibrant workplace campus that is inclusive of all community members, thereby generating transformative financial, social and environmental impact for stakeholders. District Cowork is a 28,000 square-foot coworking facility where ideas are executed. We serve as a launchpad for solo entrepreneurs, small businesses, and start-ups in New Haven and Connecticut who are focused on making an impact. The countless amenities and flexible, affordable membership options allow businesses at every stage in the business life-cycle to offer the talent for their growing businesses the same caliber of amenities as a larger corporation.

Our vision

We work tirelessly to create a community that fuels positive economic and social impact across Connecticut. We believe the #ConnecticutComeback is real and we are the cheerleaders.

Our mission

We equip people and businesses with the space, resources, and opportunities to make an impact by providing affordable and flexible space for businesses at every stage.

Our values

The Member Experience Specialist will occasionally be the first point of contact for many people, and will be curating their first impression of our community and our space, and should strive to embody the values of District.

  • Respect the Journey – Every journey starts somewhere and there is something to be learned at every point. Respect where you are on your journey, and where others are on theirs.
  • Get Sh*t Done – Ideas are nothing without execution, and we at District work tirelessly to turn those ideas into action. Our team sweats the small stuff so that you can work on making an impact and Get Sh*t Done.
  • Celebrate Everyone’s Success – Success breeds success. We are better when we aren’t the smartest person in the room. Your neighbor’s success is your success; and vice versa. At District, we celebrate it all because it’s all part of the journey.
  • Contribute Where You Can – Small steps make up a mile and every little bit helps. If you can make something better, do it.
  • Believe in People – District attracts the best talent and fuels community-driven learning and development because it’s the people within the ecosystem that create the collisions that spark ideas hat turn into something bigger.


This role is an entry-level position that requires creative thinking and a real talent for communications. Tasks involve suggesting ideas based on member feedback, working with team members to shape those ideas, then executing. This candidate should be thinking about how to get ahead of member issues and suggestions, rather than just resolving them. In addition to this, assist in performing day to day, hour to hour duties of Cowork:

  • Manage Reception: Field all incoming requests at the front desk including visitors, day pass members, and member inquiries – demonstrating dependability and operating with a sense of urgency
  • Assist with the administrative side of the CRM process: data entry, data removal, digital organization
  • Providing a high degree of customer service, enlisting support to troubleshoot member issues from tech, to maintenance to set up, only elevating to the Community & Culture Manager when necessary.
  • Open &/or close the space as needed – responsible for the tidiness, organization, security, and administration of the space.Mail Management: accept, distribute and send mail; notifying members of packages and sorting all incoming packages.
  • Occasionally attending networking events with local start-ups and organizations both in the space and externally.
  • Refresh kitchen and conference rooms: ensuring all of the amenities provided are in good working condition – refilling coffee machines, running and emptying dishwashers, wiping down counters and booths, refreshing conference rooms after use and periodically assisting the porter team with restroom sanitization needs.
  • Demonstrate understanding, integrity, dependability, responsibility, accountability, self-awareness, work ethic and empathy, alongside exceptional organizational and multi-tasking skills
  • Be member-centric. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for every single member that walks into our building. Their needs come before the mail, phone call, email response, etc.


This is an hourly position between 20 and 30 hours per week. Must be 21+ to apply.


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